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Monday, December 12, 2016

Overweight? 6 Reasons To Travel In India And Lose Weight

Why travel helps to reduce weight
Why travel helps to reduce weight

India helps chubby tourists to lose weight

The Himalayas,  rain forests, beaches, forts,  spiritual places, bazaars, ancient tribal places, lakes, river rafting, trekking wonders, hidden and remote exotic tourist hamlets...
Though India offers world's best hotels, culture, and people, You may not be able to get choppers, chauffer driver air-conditioned limousines etc at all the wonderful places a tourist dreams but sure the description will motivate you to enjoy them even on foot, if need be

Travel is wonderful and exciting. Visiting places  is enriching. Some may  get lost while traveling and some end up finding themselves. You may have heard stories about travel and what it offers with it. But perhaps nobody has told you that travel is one of the best ways at helping you lose weight than the several other techniques that are popular these days. Dieting and gymming for sure are effective ways to shed those extra kilos but how awesome would you feel if you just travel and visit exotic locales, explore the hidden world of India, have some of the best experiences of your life and also lose some weight in the duration?

The Reasons

1. You are excited

Excitement in travel
Travel and excitement

Right from the planning stage to making it to the bus, train station or airport on time, to checking into a great hotel room to indulging into your favorite activities, travel provides excitement in abundance. Excitement is great for you for several reasons. It reduces your appetite and speeds up your metabolism. As a result, those extra kilos are in check.

2. Travel also gives you stress

Travel stress
Travel Stress

Stress may not be a good thing for you in general. However, stress due to travel has the same benefits of excitement – speedy metabolism and reduced appetite. In travel excitement and stress goes together.The stress of coping up with hectic and tight schedules for the group laid down by your tour operator, to making sure your finances are managed, making it to airports or train stations on time, guarding your valuables – it’s enough for you to shed those extra kilos. In fact, stress is a medically-proven factor causing weight loss.

3. A regular drinker drinks way less 


On travel you drink less

When are you going to drink? You are at public places most of the time and busy checking out great sights, indulging into great activities, and meeting amazing people. You think of morning alarm and call time. Also, drinks in most countries can be quite expensive. And not to forget – safety! You wouldn’t want to be drunk when you are not familiar with the place and people around you and get mugged, would you? The result – you drinking habits are curbed and your weight is in check.

4. You may eat less in unfamiliar places

Hon. PM India eating less while on travel?
Hon. prime mister Modi ji proving my point?

Eating while on trips is more about the taste than about the large portions, So, you end up eating lesser than you do when you are in the comfortable confines of your home.

5. Heightened physical activities

Reducing weight with physical activities as a tourist
Reducing weight with physical activities as a tourist

Walking , biking, trekking, swimming 
Finally, our curiosity makes us enthusiastic about waking up early, walking around, exploring the surroundings. Be it a long and tiring trek or a swim in the lake, river or ocean, the activities help us burn those extra calories which in turn helps us in reducing weight.

6. But then why in India?

The added advantage of travel economy of losing weight. You will have loads of fun while losing those unwanted kilos.
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