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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meet Seducing and Intellectual Bengali Women | Images

A wracking Bengali beauty
A stunning Bengali beauty: Tanu Shri Dutta

I'm warning you about, you know.
And with that half-smile mingling a culture with beauty that wrecked me, you can meet them here anyway.

Beautiful Bengali Charmers
Beautiful Bengali Charmers

She is Divine 

Really, a Bengali beauty is a god given gift. She is heart-chasing, lovely, natural and artistic. You will see a Bengali beauty with a decent attitude, who enjoys it and spreads the message of 'Eternal beauty' to the world.
She is a joy to behold - accepted willingly or unwillingly by most of the guys whether they are Bengali or not. She is an essence of femininity. A true epitome and vanguard of a man's love. And she will remain with a guy, lifelong with whom she chooses to reside.
Though publicly shy, she is a tigress in the bed who would love to indulge in a combative sex!
An everlasting zest for life, unfathomably witty, affectionate and open-minded! They are simply the best!

Three Bengali enchantresses
Three Bengali enchantresses

Wow! What a Personality!

Next time you either date or attempt to have some discussions (over frothy ginger tea) with a Bengali woman, be prepared and brush up on your knowledge and analytic skill!  Let her win some of the debates and listen to her didactic speeches and you will be granted the entrance to her core group. She doesn’t only seem knowledgeable, but indeed is! And she has an opinion on everything under the sun!

Remarkably Learned Beauty

From Derrida to Neruda, politics to religion, sentimentalism to spiritualism: she has varied interests!
Doesn’t believe in fashion, but in Style

Three Bengali Knockouts
Three Bengali Knockouts


Her beautiful Saree with a T Shirt and a huge Red Bindi, Kohl rimmed eyes and super sexy pixie crop can make you wonder her age, origin and profession! No, she is not trying to attract attention or been trying to show off like girls from the other parts of India like North or specifically from Delhi. It’s just that she loves being herself

Amazing Bengali Beauties
Amazing Bengali Beauties

The Other Name of Culture

From Book fairs to Art house Cinema, from Philosophy to Carnatic Music- she has her heart divided for all. In fact, her melodious voice can instantly lull your brain like an opiate does!

A Bengali Beauty Performing Durga Puja
A Bengali Beauty Performing Durga Puja
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