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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just Get This Best Free! Amazing Travel Android App from Tourism Ministry

Tripigator App
Tripigator App from Tourism Ministry

Today, I happened to read a Hot News on Travel India. The reviews were fantastic and it looked to fulfill my travel needs of finding and planning itineraries to fascinating places in India
Sometimes, the best ideas emerge from the least likely of people. I was a bit apprehensive! Thus, we imagined, when we first heard of Tripigator, an Android app that was launched recently. The reason behind our doubt? The fact that the Union Ministry of Tourism created the app. Tripigator.

Developed by the Union Ministry, Tripigator is a user-friendly app that offers personalized itinerary of places to visit.
Incredible India
Welcome to India

Benefit 1

It takes  personalized itinerary to a next level by showcasing the places you plan to visit in an integrated map and offering Geo-location-based discovery of details. So, if you are stuck in a place, but unsure of where to find the nearest hotel, try the app and it will offer details of nearby hotels based on your location.

Benefit 2

You can also search for hospitals, ATMs, eateries and much more. It works a lot like a search engine, but here, the information is discovered based on your current location, and provided in a user-friendly way.

Benefit 3

With Tripigator, one can also browse through a list of some of India’s most popular travel destinations in the country, divided into 10 categories like romantic, adventure, culture, family, lifestyle, nature, and so on. Though, we were not too impressed with the list, it could be very useful

Benefit 4

For first-time travelers, or those who want to get an idea of interesting places to visit before heading out.

Benefit 5

The app also offers an estimate of travel costs over multiple stops in the country, based on the current market price of tickets and hotel tariffs.


Overall, Tripigator is a great app, but not the best, especially since the database of ‘places of interest’ is limited to the widely-known/popular spots. 

However, it’s a promising start towards offering a technologically enhanced experience to travelers in the country. And according to the developers, the next update will allow users to save their itinerary on their phone and access it without the Internet.

How to Download

Available On: Play Store, FREE of course


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