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Monday, June 30, 2014

Pobitora Wild Rhino Sanctuary vs. other Wild Reserves India

Leaving Mayong, a Tantrik town
Leaving Mayong, a Tantrik town
Watcher and the prey in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Watcher and the prey in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
(This travel is sequential to a Journey to "The World Capital of Black Magic"
Read to enjoy travel better.)
Why we decided to visit hidden Pobitora WildLife Sanctuary for wild rhino,compared to World Heritage Rhino National Park-Kaziranga National Park, also in Assam or any other National Park in India?
  1. Kaziranga was relatively far from Guwahati, crowded with tourists and sighting is not guaranteed
  2. Pobitora was a swampy marshland. A perfect habitat for the Rhino, wild buffalo and the wild boar.
  3. There is no other place in the world with such a high density of One Horn Rihno.
  4. Another wonder of the world in India!  
  5. Sighting of wild Rhino guaranteed!
  6. And closest Rhino sanctuary from any state capital ( 40 kms.).
The journey begins...
My friend Tommy Singh nudged me to look at my left. We had just left Mayong, a Tantrik town, also known as the Land of Black Magic, passing the banks of river Brahmaputra. I looked towards the pointed direction where it seemed some foreigners were chatting with a mysterious looking old man who was making some queer gestures in the air.  Was he Explaining some black magic rituals?  A mild shiver ran through my body. I shook my head to Tommy and looked ahead.

As we reached closer to our destination, the surroundings welcomed us with few lush green tea estates and several ethnic villages on the fringes of the sanctuary. Wow!
 Zazina Resort-our hotel at Pobitora
 Zazina Resort-our hotel at Pobitora
Zazina Resort-our hotel at Pobitora

Then we entered our staying place Zazina Resorts, which was close to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. The place was beautiful with the awesome rustic setting. We were greeted warmly by Mr.F. Zaman, the manager.  Our lunch and dinner was delicious. It was really incredible to have such a resort near a jungle setting.

Into the night, Mayong continued to haunt us. For a long time before I drifted into sleep, the previous day memories of black magic, where human habitation existed from prehistoric days, scattered remnants from the Neolithic age,  the land of ancient magic and medicine, the manuscripts we had seen....

Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary: The Wild One Horn Rihno Wonder of The World

Elephant safari tower
Elephant safari tower

Safari in this sancturay can be done on an elephant in the morning and in a jeep (Gypsy) entire day. There is a restaurant cum bar near the entry gate which serves delicious food. Children can enjoy in the adjoining park and there are cottages available to enjoy your meal.

Early next morning we set out for the elephant safari because:
An elephant safari
An elephant safari

Firstly, we had sufficient time

Secondly, Jeep safaris take people in set routes, but with elephants one can go anywhere and everywhere in the forest.

Thirdly, On the back of elephants one can go very close to rhinos and you will be delighted to shoot the beast on camera from close range.

We walked down the foggy way from the resort to the entrance of the wildlife sanctuary.
We were escorted by a forestry official to the nearby point where elephants are kept at bay. There are towers with access through stairs where one climbs and then from there gets on top of the elephants. The elephants set out in groups and each elephant is accompanied by armed forest personnel.

And then we had our most memorable experience...

Sighting Rhinos and enjoying safari
Sighting Rhinos and enjoying safari
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has the highest density of the rare one-horned rhinos on the planet. The 38 square kilometer park with a core area of 22 square kilometers have 84 one-horned rhinos as per the last head count carried out.

Riding on the elephant I looked around the landscape. It reminded me of the African Savannah with its long tall grasses. We saw many rhino and 1 elephant in the distance before stumbling upon a mother rhino and baby in the grass about 20 meters from our elephant. The mother moved a bit towards us menacingly and stopped when she saw us heading in another direction.  There were wild buffalos crossing our path. Also, we saw many birds including beautiful Kingfisher.

Pobitora is a swampy marshland. This is a perfect habitat for the Rhino, wild buffalo and the wild boar.
An ornithologist's delight

Pobitora- a haven for migratory birds
Pobitora- a haven for migratory birds
Besides rhinos, I observed that the sanctuary was a haven for migratory birds. As told, about 190 bird species were identified in this area which comprises critically endangered, vulnerable and threatened species
60% of the total area of the sanctuary is grassland, 25% woodland and 15% wetland, thereby maintaining a well balanced ecosystem of its own.
 Forest Protection Women Force is patrolling inside Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Wow! Pretty women forest protection force in Pobitora
good news image
If you are short of time, have your breakfast in Guwahati, take a Jeep safari and back to Guwahati for your lunch!


How to go

By air or train to Guwahati. Easy connections.
A one and a half hour drive from Guwahati, Assam (Private  taxi Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500).

Where to stay

Guwahati: There are plenty of hotels in the city
Nature resorts near Guwhati and close to the Land of Black Magic, Mayong and Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary:

Zazina Resorts
Address: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Mayong, Marigaon,
Guwahati 782411,
Phone: +91-9845020561, 9845030506
Email: wildviewpobitora@gmail.com
Website: http://zizinaresorts.com/
Kid Friendly: Yes

Greenwood Resort
Address: G.S. Road, Madhab Nagar, Khanapara,
Guwahati 781022,
Phone: +91-361-2331054, 9207042326, 9207042327, 9207049645
Email: info@greenwoodresort.in
Website: http://www.greenwoodresort.in/
Kid Friendly: Yes

Spring Valley Resort
Address: Kamarkuchi, Sonapur,
Guwahati 782402,
Phone: +91-9435143970, 9957577741
Email: salesnmarketing@springvalleyresort.net
Website: http://springvalleyresort.net/index2.html
Kid Friendly: Yes

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort
Address: Near Tapesia National Games Stadium, NH – 37, Sonapur Circle, District: Kamrup (Metro), Tapesia,
Guwahati 781028,
Phone: +91-9435144216, 9706099375/379
Email: brahmaputraresort@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.brahmaputraresort.in/
Kid Friendly: Yes

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