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Thursday, September 12, 2013


A working Indian beauty in Sari
A working Indian beauty in Sari
I have traveled all around the world and I feel the beautiful women are everywhere; it all depends on how you perceive beauty. i don't think beauty can be restricted to one place. Then why do people say that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world? I had been searching the answer for the last 30 years while visiting towns and villages in India observing women of different cultures, castes, languages, religion, influences and background which makes this country so unique in the world.
Though I do not have a definite answer yet, all I know is I get stunned and moved whenever I encounter an Indian woman unlike women in the other parts of the world. Something stirs within me when I look at them or talk to them. Why?
One can find a sense of beauty in every aspect of India, right from the mesmerizing scenery to the age-old traditions of the country. The same can be said of beautiful Indian girls. Truly,  a land of million dreams!
Indian women are gifted with an inexplicable charm. One can only try and probably pin it down to the exotic appeal or dusky complexion, but it remains mysterious to its very end.
It seems to me that Indian women are a unique blend of culture and modernity and that is what makes them so different from others. They have an innate sense of Indianness, yet they have also evolved with changing times. The same applies to their physical beauty as well. All Indian women are blessed with prototypical Indian facial features, which are only enhanced by the western influence.
Indian women just have this fine skin, these huge limpid dark eyes, lips to die for and that long thick hair. And they move so beautifully...or dance so gracefully...my goodness!
Personally, what I like and continue daydreaming about Indian women is... the everyday woman carrying a load on her head, children walking around her, dark and proud she is, in a brilliant colored sari...YES, it is sari which adds elegance unlike others, floating along above the littered ground, the sun brilliant in the puddles of water at her feet. But the India woman just floats on, timeless, in her beauty, her jewelry clinging, above the the world at her feet. And when this woman, often old and tired, smiles at you, it is a wide happy smile with big healthy white teeth, a sincere smile. That to me is also a beautiful Indian woman!
I would like to put these awesome Indian beauties into four categories irrespective of their age.

  1. Simpleton homely married or unmarried (No make-up / minimum of make-up)
  2. Village and tribal beauties (No make-up)
  3. New generation educated with western influence
  4. Hot and sexy
Simpleton homely woman
Simpleton homely married or unmarried
Simpleton homely married or unmarried
Village and tribal beauties
Village and tribal beauty

New generation educated with western influence
An educated and smart beauty!

Hot and sexy
Hot and sexy
Hot and sexy
(These pictures as per my knowledge are from free sources. If under copyright, please let me know. It will be removed immediately) 

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