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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Arossim beach, Goa
Arossim beach, Goa
It was 6 in the morning and I was strolling on the isolated and serene Arossim Beach, Goa. Mr Salvio Fernandez, coordinator for my lecture on management at Park Hyatt Resort and Spa was with me. I was lodged at the same hotel on an incredible deal of a full package of only Rs. 6000 for 2 nights for two!
Like all beaches on this amazing, beautiful endless South Goa coastline of the Indian Ocean, Arossim Beach also had dazzling white sand, green dense palm trees and colorful fishing boats which were like slowly and peacefully dancing among the ocean waves. The landscape was supplemented with few houses and shops and lonely hiding in the shadow of mighty trees „The Star Fish” shack restaurant located in the very center of the beach.
Unlike other crowded beaches of Goa, It was  isolated and serene !
There was a gentle morning sea breeze...
Park Hyatt Resort, Goa
Park Hyatt Resort, Goa
What intrigued me apart from this unexploited beautiful beach was The Park Hyatt Resort.  Not because it was an excellent resort in Goa but some of the other activities interested me immensely.
The top of the list was An International Award Winning SERENO SPAand  YOGA CENTER
followed by Bicycle Excursions and Cooking With The Master Chefs
After breakfast, I went around the resort. Set on acres of lush coconut grove gardens and a series of lagoons, Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa had an idyllic beachfront location. Nestled along the pristine Arossim Beach, this luxurious resort in Goa combines elegance with a distinctive regional character. The hotel offered a total of awesome 250 pousada-style guestrooms and suites, which were inspired from the Indo-Portuguese style.
What a place, I thought!
Then I headed for  SERENO SPA and I was really impressed! It looked like a unique health and wellness oasis.
Sereno Yoga and Spa, Goa
Sereno Yoga and Spa, Goa
Had a discussion with the main guy on what is Yoga and Spa and what it offers?
For the last two months or so I had been feeling stressed, irritated and burned out due to a sedentry nature of my work. After hearing the options and price, I opted to undergo a "Mind-Nature Balancing Package" for an hour at a cost of INR 3,750. And my goodness, What an experience! I was totally relaxed, peaceful with my mind calm and without any lingering worries.

This is what the instructor narrated on Yoga and Spa at SERENO SPA AND YOGA:
SERENO SPA offers holistic massage treatments and a blend of unique therapies inspired by Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions, designed to restore, refresh and revitalise. A serene sanctuary for the senses, it offers personalised body and facial treatments with spa packages and fitness programs to promote wellness, detoxification and serenity.
SERENO SPA, at the Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, has won a host of accolades including the “Best Destination Spa” at the Conde Nast Traveller India Awards 2011, “Best Ayurvedic Spa (hotel)” at the Asia's India Awards 2011 and the " Best Beach Spa” at the Conde Nast Traveller Asia’s Best Spa’s 2010-2011.

In Yoga program it offers

  • Hatha Yoga: It is recommended for guests suffering from stress or back pain, or for those who spend too much time sitting down. It creates greater self-awareness by tapping into the inner core of energy and creativity, as well as to improve posture, muscular flexibility, balance and suppleness 
  • Meditation for Clarity
  • Pranayama – Yogic Breathing: A deep breathing techniques fine-tunes the body’s energy levels and calms the mind, relieving stress at the source.
  • Trataka: builds up mental strength and determination to reach the highest level of well-being.  The practice helps to purify the eyes
  • Partner Yoga: designed to bring in the element of sharing and caring. 
  • The other practices are for back pain, shoulder pain, Yoga for Weight Reduction/Management and other programs

In Spa it offers

  • Samudra – The Marine Experience: A massage to tone the body and mind, using seaweed and mineral-based luxury products
  • Mithun – Couple’s Spa Experience: Indulging your loved one with a romantic spa treat in a private indoor spa suites. 
  • Purush – Spa Package for Men, relieving stress and anxiety

It was an incredible experience! Yes,  there is more to Goa than crowded beaches, casinos, cuisine and forests. It is a true wellness center in our chaotic world  and stressful life!
Park Hyatt Resort


  1. Wow! What a wonderful experience you had. It is really very nice to be on a wellness spa centers. I have tried once before and I would really want to do it again after seeing this post. I hope there services are affordable. I really want to try on their Sumudra and Mithun with my husband. -http://www.sedonabluesage.com


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