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Thursday, April 25, 2013


the face of Manipur in the glamour world
Lin Laishram, the face of Manipur in the glamour world
During the last 2 days, I had been interacting with the people from the local entertainment industry from Imphal and other parts of Manipur and let me tell you, I was highly impressed!
Courteous, respectful and honest! And women? Wow, most beautiful!
A beautiful Manipuri girl
Actress from Manipur
 I found Manipuri women confident, kind, loving and as told by Tommy, unwavering in their love for friends and family. A beautiful Manipuri woman can make hearts stop and beat rapidly at the same time. Such a woman from Manipur can exist without being by the book 'hot'!
We had returned back to the hotel after visiting heavenly world’s wonder of floating islands in  Loktak Lake by the evening where my friend Tommy Singh had arranged a get together of his Manipuri friends and their families
A beautiful Manipuri girl
From Manipur
I was listening to one of the guest explaining about the history of 2nd world war when he stopped and started looking at the entrance. I followed his gaze..
An unearthly chill fell upon the room as she entered. All voices hushed and movement paused, as if time itself did not dare continue its incessant journey in the presence of such a creature.
She walked so gracefully that she appeared to float through the gathered guests, seemingly unaware of the effect her presence had on those around her as she headed for a waiter and lifted a soft drink from the tray he clutched before him. Her perfect lips curved into a smile, but her porcelain white cheeks showed no hint of colour to support the gesture.
An incredible beauty from Manipur!
Her hair was the colour of raven's wings and cascaded like a waterfall down her back, reaching almost to her waist, but this was no more striking than her eyes which were like sapphires set symmetrically into her angel face, brimming, to the point of overflowing, with peace, wisdom and compassion.
Tommy Singh introduced her to me. I didn't hear or saw anything. Just stood there, paralyzed!
I'm an old man and  truly in love with my wife. The most beautiful woman in the world can't take me away. However, this woman? May be not for ever but for a few days? I don't know!
Soon she was meeting other guests showering her charm.
Do you know the difference between a beautiful woman and a charming one? A beauty is a woman you notice, a charmer is one who notices you.
Manipur Girls Going Great Guns!
Manipuri girls in Miss Diva competition
In Veet India Miss Diva competition
Please check the current status of Entry Permit for foreigners and Indians in Manipur

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