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Friday, March 22, 2013


Angoda beach with huts
Angoda beach with huts

Palolem beach with huts
Palolem beach with huts
Do you want to visit the busiest and most commercial beaches in Goa? Is your objective to tan yourself on the endless rows of side-by-side sun lounges or if you are curious and just want to watch this? Then go to Vigator, Calangute, Baga or Anjuna. 
But if you want pristine and unspoilt beahes with lovely beach huts, the head for AGONDA and PALOLEM. Dump the other beaches!

Agonda beach is located in extreme south of Goa and far away from the city. It is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Goa and I consider it to be the second most beautiful beach in south Goa after Palolem. The beach is long enough, at one end you find the boulders which make the beach a photogenic one and the other end stretches up to the next beach. You can find coconut trees, a number of shanties and shacks by the beach. A good place to relax and spend your leisure. The water is crystal clear and a deep in the water is superb, waves are strong, good to swim. There are water sports facilities but you can do that in north Goa where the beaches are happening and I suggest to relax here in Agonda. The beach huts are ideal to stay and chill out with your love mate or friends
By train
Agonda is only a few kilometres from Canacona station, although main train services stop at Margao station, about an hour’s drive away.
By bus
Regular buses depart from the Canacona bus station for Agonda (about 20 minutes). Buses from Chaudi and Margao are available few times a day. From Canacona railway, it's about 1km to the Canacona bus stand, where you can get a bus the 9km to Agonda. The bus stand is a large building with a white, curved roof. It is visible from the balcony of the Canacona railway station. To get there, walk up the road away from the train station until you reach the main rd. Turn right (there will be a railway bridge to your left), and walk for 300m, the building will be on your left. Buses start at 7:35am and run about every hour until 6pm-ish. As with any Indian bus stand, you'll have to ask the people around, although the buses heading in that direction do usually stop near the sign at the bus station that says Agonda. Agonda buses leave to go back every 30 mins from the other side of the road to where you get dropped off. The last bus Agonda to Canacona leaves Agonda at 6:30pm. If you miss it, the locals can be persuaded to give you a motorbike ride back to the station for about Rs300.
The bus will drop you off at the northern end of the beach, on a junction near the church. There are a few more buses on the main road, but this means 10-15 minutes walk from the beach center. The price to Chaudi is Rs.10 or 15. To Canacona, about Rs 35.
Taxis and auto rickshaws can be taken as a more comfortable and quicker alternative to the public bus. Ask any rickshaw driver or taxi driver and they will take you there from Palolem, Patnem or Chaudi. 

Only basic accommodation options are available for stay in Agonda.

  • Madhu Beach Huts, Agonda Beach (center of the beach 100m from the church)(sandeep@madhuhuts.com)   
  • Agonda Beach Huts, Agonda Beach (central part of the beach, about 1km to the right from the Agonda beach road junction)(agondahuts@yahoo.com), 
  • Agonda White Sand, Agonda Beach (northern end of the beach, about 0.5km to the right from the Agonda beach road junction)(info@agondawhitesand.com)
  • Agonda White Sand Villas, Agonda Beach (northern end of the beach).Two double storied wooden villas and one single level villa. All three have big bedrooms, dressing rooms, and semi open-air bathrooms. EXPENSIVE
  • Cuba Agonda, Agonda Beach. Cuba Agonda offers 7 luxury AC beach bungalows and 5 non AC rooms. With bar & restaurant and sun beds. EXPENSIVE! 
  • H2O Agonda, Agonda Beach (central part of the beach, about 200m south of the church), ☎ +91 9423836994 (info@h2oagonda.com) Stylish and spacious cottages, each with its own balcony. With restaurant. EXPENSIVE!
  • Simrose huts are furnished simple but comfortable and have table and chairs on the outside balcony.
Though Palolem has been saturated by travelers, hawkers and over priced sellers, I would still recommend it. I know, sometimes it's difficult to walk up the beach at high tide due to the restaurants jutting into the cresting waves.
Then why PALOLEM?

  • Palolem is quite small, so easy to explore on foot. One of the best beaches in Goa.
  • Easy walks to Monkey Island,  Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach-a small strip of beach which generally brings you total seclusion. These islands are usually visited by couples who want get away from the eyes of tourists.
  • Cotigao wildlife sanctuary is a good day trip from Palolem. you can also ride along the narrow but beautiful coastal road northwards to visit Agonda beach and still further north cabo da rama (a ruined fort on a cliff)
Itching for some action? Some good drinks and night party and dancing? But no ear splitting sound? 

night party and dancing
Just head for "Silent Noise Beach Party". It is a world recognized headphone party being held at Neptune Point next to Palolem Beach, South Goa and the place has undoubtedly left its mark on the parties.
The Silent Noise Party is fixed on every Saturday’s and Retronica on every Wednesday’s at Neptune Point. A person if wants to get down on the floor then needs to pay for the wireless headphone which costs about Rs600 and plus Rs600 as deposit which is returned when the headphone is returned to the concerned member of Silent Noise.
The Silent Noise DJs plays varied music like Electro House, Funky House, & Tek House to captivate the minds of all people present on the dance floor. Behind a big screen projector famous dancers like Georgie, Elle, Nikki Mullins, Rosie, Zoe & Rozzle in their best alluring poses keeps on shaking their bums and right in front of the screen all others keeps them engaged in their own dance, which is quite funny. The organizers have also made arrangements of a circus show which is simply mind blowing. The hilarious acts of performers are really outstanding so that no person would get bugged up by only dancing.
Neptune Point is the birth place of Silent Noise. Neptune’s Point is located on a rocky peninsula on the left side of the beach. On the left side of the Palolem beach, you can easily locate a rocky peninsula known as Neptune Point where you can view the entire of Palolem coastline in night. The rave party with hard drinks, intake of drugs along with trance music tuning in 3 different music stations will literally mesmerize your senses to get into the party atmosphere.



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