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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have You Tasted Devgarh Mangoes? Summer Holidays in "The World's Capital" of Mangoes | Devgad

Devgad Mangoes
WOW! Mangoes, beaches and windmills. My Devgad!
How to cut mangoes
Ramesh and Meena, the young children of Keshav Mohite were running around the two benches where we sat, laughing and teasing each other. After watching them for a while Keshav asked them to be quite. The noon temperature must be around 37 degrees Celsius. Sitting under the shade of thick mango trees I didn't feel the scorch. I looked around. There must be more than 100 mango trees in Keshav's farm situated at Devgad.

"The Alphonso Mango Capital in India"! Devgad situated on the south western coast of Maharashtra had to its credit, the beautiful beaches, windmills and of being a largest producer of the finest variety of Alphonso Mangoes!

Awesome Devgad Beach
Awesome Devgad Beach
And I was there. Back after 4 months in Konkan region after my last visit with my friend Tommy Singh and his daughter Amrita. I had planned to visit the beaches of Devgad, Kunkeshwar and the sea fort of Vijaydurg. I saw two of Keshav's assistants walking towards us from the farmhouse with plates in their hands, a jute bag full of mangoes(I believed so) and a steel bowl. First, we had Kanda Poha (fried spiced rice flakes with onion) and then mango cubes cut in a most professional way.
Wow! It was delicious, soft and sweet. A pleasant fragrant breeze had started ruffling through the mango trees. I saw an elderly figure walking towards us from the farm house which was about 100 yards from where we sat. Keshav got up and introduced the man to me.

'Meet doctor Abhayankar'. 'He is a leading physician of Devgad', Keshav said smilingly.
'Nice meeting you, sir,' I reciprocated.
Joining us the doctor took a liberal helping of mangoes and started eating. I was inquisitive.

'Doctor, people say though the mango is a king of fruits, it has a very high calorie value and high sugar content. Some get blisters also. What's the medical opinion?, I quizzed.

The doctor looked at me for some time, kept his plate down, took a deep breath and as if addressing to the public on his favorite subject, spoke-
'Boils and dermatitis? Nonsense!'
'You may get boils and dermatitis because of heat and moisture. The coastal area, you know. There is no scientific evidence of what you are alleging. It is a seasonal fruit and is packed with a lot of nutrients. So it is a great fruit to relish. A green mango has high content of vitamin C and as the fruit ripens, the vitamin A content increases. It is a good antioxidant, boosts immunity. The pulp has a high fiber content. That's why it's named as "The King of Fruits". However, you should eat the fruit rather than juice as a glass of juice requires 5 to 6 mangoes. Yes, it has a high calorie value so eats few. Diabetics should be careful in eating mangoes. One or two fruits a day should not create any problem. Also, remove the skin. It's thick and not easily digestible. But the other fruits like bananas, chickoos or watermelon may have the same precautions. Isn't it?' "The king of Fruit"- Alphanso Mango is a delight. Be in limits and enjoy it!'

Yes, I thought. The doc is right. We continued enjoying Hapus under the shady mango tree sitting on a wooden cot.

Devgarh was awesome in its rural setting. In the evening we strolled on the beach. The breeze was pleasant, even at the end of April.
One way to eat mangoes is to cut any way you like. Mess up your hands and mouth while eating and enjoy! However, for others, I'm giving below a web page which describes step by step how to cut mangoes.
Click to learn.
How to cut a mango: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/002078how_to_cut_a_mango.php

  • The average price in Mumbai for Devgad mangoes: Rs. 800/- per dozen. May go down in the month of May.
Route: Mumbai-Panvel-Chiplun-Sangmeshwar-Hathkhamba-Devgad (Time-8 hrs by road)

Stay: (Kunkeshwar): Savli Resort. Phone-91-2364-248614 (1 km from beach)

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  1. Thanks for this blog.

    It's my second visit: I appreciate being able to be a vicarious traveler.

  2. nice site, i hope u might have got some revenue from my visit, pls visit http://indiafootball.blogspot.com as well http://stockdummy.blogspot.com and review it..

  3. I haven't tried alphanso mangoes, but we are HUGE fans of the ataulfo. My youngest boy always lists mangoes as his favorite food (even over pizza!). Ataulfo mangoes are available locally for a short two-three months each year and only at certain groceries. I'll watch to see if the alphanso makes it to our area.

  4. Dear Kiran,
    It was a pleasure reading your article. A request, if you could change the spelling of our town to Devgad, instead of Devgarh. The legal name is Deogad and more known is Devgad. Devgarh, is actually a town in Rajasthan. Also, glad to share that Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd, a co-op society of Devgad Mango farmers recently ventured into selling Devgad Mangoes online at www.devgadmango.com. You would like to explore.

  5. Sorry French Fries. Made necessary correction. Thanks for pointing out to me that the name is Devgad and not Devgarh.


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