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Meet Seducing and Intellectual Bengali Women | Images

A wracking Bengali beauty
A stunning Bengali beauty: Tanu Shri Dutta

I'm warning you about, you know.
And with that half-smile mingling a culture with beauty that wrecked me, you can meet them here anyway.

Beautiful Bengali Charmers
Beautiful Bengali Charmers

She is Divine 

Really, a Bengali beauty is a god given gift. She is heart-chasing, lovely, natural and artistic. You will see a Bengali beauty with a decent attitude, who enjoys it and spreads the message of 'Eternal beauty' to the world.
She is a joy to behold - accepted willingly or unwillingly by most of the guys whether they are Bengali or not. She is an essence of femininity. A true epitome and vanguard of a man's love. And she will remain with a guy, lifelong with whom she chooses to reside.
Though publicly shy, she is a tigress in the bed who would love to indulge in a combative sex!
An everlasting zest for life, unfathomably witty, affectionate and open-minded! They are simply the best!

Three Bengali enchantresses
Three Bengali enchantresses

Wow! What a Personality!

Next time you either date or attempt to have some discussions (over frothy ginger tea) with a Bengali woman, be prepared and brush up on your knowledge and analytic skill!  Let her win some of the debates and listen to her didactic speeches and you will be granted the entrance to her core group. She doesn’t only seem knowledgeable, but indeed is! And she has an opinion on everything under the sun!

Remarkably Learned Beauty

From Derrida to Neruda, politics to religion, sentimentalism to spiritualism: she has varied interests!
Doesn’t believe in fashion, but in Style

Three Bengali Knockouts
Three Bengali Knockouts


Her beautiful Saree with a T Shirt and a huge Red Bindi, Kohl rimmed eyes and super sexy pixie crop can make you wonder her age, origin and profession! No, she is not trying to attract attention or been trying to show off like girls from the other parts of India like North or specifically from Delhi. It’s just that she loves being herself

Amazing Bengali Beauties
Amazing Bengali Beauties

The Other Name of Culture

From Book fairs to Art house Cinema, from Philosophy to Carnatic Music- she has her heart divided for all. In fact, her melodious voice can instantly lull your brain like an opiate does!

A Bengali Beauty Performing Durga Puja
A Bengali Beauty Performing Durga Puja
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13 Images | Dare to Fight and Enjoy Mumbai Monsoon Fury?

Love can not be defeated even by nature's fury
Love cannot be defeated, even by nature's fury!

Guarding Mumbai is The Gateway of India
Guarding Mumbai is The Gateway of India
After months of hot, moist air from the Indian Ocean, blowing across Mumbai, building sweltering conditions, people get irritable and lethargic in the oppressive heat. The city can't wait for the skies to open for the downpours.
When the monsoon finally arrives, it is a welcome and grand spectacle.
If you are near the sea, you can watch the monsoons approach over the ocean.
First, a ferocious wind blows up. The sky and the sea turn different shades of blue and gray. Clouds roll rapidly across the skies. An expectant hush falls.
Then the storm bursts. People can be seen dancing in the streets, faces turned towards the sky, hands outstretched, enacting their own personal Bollywood rain scene.
The monsoon in Mumbai is believed to cleanse the earth and its people. It is also key to India's agriculture economy, boosting the growth of crops and driving stock markets.
Apart from bringing down temperatures, the monsoon also lowers room rates for travelers, turning Mumbai into a great off-season destination. 

This year, however, the onset of Monsoon in Mumbai had been ferocious, relentless and continuous for days together. How Mumbai is coping up? Crumbling? Or bravely fighting it out?
Here are some of the pictures how gallant citizens of Mumbai are facing the fury!

Reversing misery into pleasure at Marine Drive Mumbai
Reversing misery into pleasure at Marine Drive Mumbai

Fearless Suburban Mumbai Trains!
Fearless Suburban Mumbai Trains!

Waiting for arrival
Waiting for arrival

Rain fury? Go go go
Rain fury? Go go go!
Braveheart Parents and their children
Braveheart Parents and their children

Struggling buses and patient passengers!
Struggling buses and patient passengers!
Dropping Mom while going to the office!
Braveheart drops Mom while going to the office!

Heroic kids to school
Heroic kids to school

Fearless ride | Daring taxis
Fearless ride! Daring taxis!
Police petrol on the job!
Salute! Police petrol on the job! No excuses
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beaches Apart, Dare to Enjoy 4 Top Haunted Places in Goa?

Goa in Rains, a bit mysterious
Watching over the lake, feeling a bit creepy, Goa in the monsoon. 
I wanted to visit a place for peace, to get away from my hectic life schedule and to run away from my laptop screen for a week, and so I was looking for a retreat rather than being imprisoned in Mumbai by torrential Monsoon fury. Where to go in rains? Then suddenly I remembered an evening with my friend Tommy Singh at a Bar in Saket, South Delhi 2 months back when he narrated his unearthly, mysterious and strange experience of some haunted places of Goa.
Wow, I got my perfect monsoon vacation place, I thought excitedly!
What a great combination!
1. The real beauty and grandeur of Goa is at its height during the rainy season when it offers you a plethora of unique experiences. While you may forget the beaches during monsoon, you can look forward to the lakes and rivers joyfully overflowing with their rushing streams, the trees dancing to the tune of the winds, the mountains and the fields covering themselves with a verdant green carpet ready to welcome you to a land of eternal beauty.
2. Then add to it a daring visit to hitherto hidden from tourists, haunted places!

Goa is visited by millions of tourists every year. There are so many places in Goa which are famous as a tourist spot. But there are some places which are worth to be visited by tourists, but very few people know about them.

1. Weird Mayhem

GTDC Mayem Lake View 
GTDC resort and Mayem lake
GTDC resort and Mayem lake
Within 2 days I was in Goa with my friend Tommy Singh. He arranged everything. However, our resort was nowhere near a beach, but on a mystic lake in a forest- Mayem, which, when we reached found had its own illusions, an eerie existence and feel! My blood had already started running cold! A rustic resort off the beaten track.
Nevertheless, we fell in love with this place. Situated among thickly forested rolling green hills the area is known as Kalevana or Black Forest. The Mayem Lake View is an eco-resort ideal for travel freaks like us, lovers and just perfect for the scholar, the poet, the artist or the writer who needs solitude in a place of extreme and tranquil beauty.

The Conjuem Fort

The Conjuem Fort
The fort

 Mystic Portuguese Insignia and unearthly looking gate
 Mystic Portuguese Insignia and unearthly looking gate

Intrigued by local spooky stories, we decided to visit The Conjuem Fort in the late afternoon. We were the only one there, I presume because it's a bit out of the way, which made the experience all the more curious. The stones and walls have been taken over by the moss, and there is a small altar inside the fort in which people seem to make offerings.
This Fort really made me muse on the mystery as to why this small island needed a Fort? There was a deep well within and we were told a folk tale that the well is so deep that the diggers heard sound on the other side as if they had reached another land through it. Interesting, but maybe the diggers were disoriented and dug up a tunnel instead. But to hide what? Or to go where? Mysterious indeed!
Then, as the dusk started fading into shadowing night, we did hear voices and some movements. Curious, we headed towards the sound, but found nothing, just a smoldering black worn out shoe. Yes, there were somebody there few minutes back! Sudden   rains pounded on us and we left hurriedly..
While returning we stopped for a few minutes at the residence and built a small chapel of the erstwhile count of mayhem, Count Diogo Da Costa Ataide Teive. We saw a guy near the gate with a black hat. He didn’t move. We dare not investigate, just returned to our resort.
The next day onward we left on our haunted tourism in Goa.
8 To book GTDC Mayem Lake View, click here

2. Ghost Hotel 

Ghost Hotel Pictures

The place is in South Goa.
This was an amazing opportunity to visit the south Goan abandoned hotel complex, more commonly known as the ghost hotel. It was built by the  Russians back in the day, but due to a legal twist they had to leave the country and their half-built hotel project behind. Since then, it’s slowly been taken over by Mother Nature’s powers, and turned into one of the most interesting, and scary, spots in the Goan countryside.
Just to get into the complex, we had to battle the strong vegetation of trees and bushes, the dangers of poisonous snakes, and the boiling hot midday weather.
There was something eerie but poetic. What was supposed to be an isolated world for the wealthy became an isolated place for a few hundred bats and some frightened freak travelers like us coming there by mistake.
The upper parts of the complex were a bit brighter. Here, many of the floors lacked walls completely and let in both the sun and large trees that started to root into the overgrown floors. It was here also apparent that other humans had dwelt as I could find scribbled Hindi words on the walls, and footsteps in the deep sand that covered many of the staircases. As the upper parts were far more incomplete than the lower, the construction plan acted almost as a maze. There were stairs that led to nowhere, and corridors that led you straight out in the air.
How to reach? Just ask any Goan about ‘ghost Hotel’ and he will tell you.

3. Three King’s Church

Haunted Three King’s Church
Haunted Three King’s Church

This ghostly place-' kings church' in the Cansulim village is about 15m from Velsao in south Goa.
This church is mostly closed in the evenings.  If you are here after sundown, make sure you have a torch and that the lights on your vehicle are working as there are no street lights soshould you run off the road, there probably won’t be anyone coming along to help for a while nor will anyone hear you as the entire area around this hill is uninhabited.
A local elder who met us  told us that church is a haunted It is said that long time ago, there were 3 Portuguese kings living in Goa.They often used to fight to gain power in the land. One of the kings(king Holger Alvunger), one day invited the other two kings in his place and poisoned them to death. He himself fell out with the public and committed suicide by consuming poison. King Holgers place is the current 3 king’s church in Goa, where there have been reports of sightings and general unrest.

4. Igorchem Bandh (Dam) behind Church at Raia

Haunted road behind church at Raia, Goa
Haunted road behind church at Raia, Goa

Our next destination was Raia, a quiet and picturesque village and part of the Margao Metropolitan area in the South Goa district , close to the city of Margao. The place of our interest was a 400 year old church of ‘Our Lady of Snows’ and more than the church, a road behind the church, called by the name of Igorchem road or Igorchem Bandh.
In my opinion, there was some connection between church and this road. The historical fact is, the church has a sickle that is believed to have been sent in the ancient period by the Pope of Portugal. Later, while walking on the road on the dam (bandh) we did feel odd during the afternoonan eerie sensation creeping as if somebody is following us. When I looked back, there was nothing.
What if I say Ghost roam and attack in sunlight as well? If you believe in local stories, then’ Yes’.
From believed local tale, one who crosses this bandh in between 2-3 in the afternoon, he may be possessed by some evil spirit. There had been reports of people going insane after returning from this place in the afternoon!

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