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8 Travelers Benefits in "Go-India" Recently Launched Travel Card

India Travel and Indians
No risk, no gains

"Go India" Travel Card

This is  a good news for the travelers in India!

Replicating the Metro Card model, the Railways now have a “Go-India Card Scheme” allowing passengers to pay for tickets and make transactions cashless. The scheme has been started in New Delhi-Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah routes now, and passengers can book tickets, retiring rooms and cloakrooms.

India Travel and Indians
India Travel and Indians

What is Go-India Smart Card?

Introduced as a pilot project, this value proposition would cover 11 stations of the New Delhi - Mumbai and New Delhi - Kolkata sections spread over 6 Zonal Railways. on Northern Railway, New Delhi has been identified as one of the centres under this Pilot for the Go-India Smart Card project. 

How to get Go-India Smart Cards?

2 counters, one for Unreserved Ticketing System(UTS) and one for Passenger Reservation System (PRS) have been made operational towards the Ajmeri Gate side at New Delhi and a separate counter for issue of Go-India Smart card has been opened. The passenger can purchase UTS ticket through Go-India Smart card from the nominated UTS counter and also can purchase PRS Ticket from Go-India  PRS counter installed adjacent to PRS current reservation counter towards the Ajmeri Gate side.

Features of Go-India Smart Cards

1. Go-India Smart Card will be used for Indian Railway application i.e. Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS), Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and Retiring Room (RR) counters and existing Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM)s.

2. Go-India smart card will be a separate card from the existing ATVM smart card. 

3. Go-India smart card can be used across UTS, PRS, RR and existing ATVM of Indian Railway but existing ATVM smart card can be used only across ATVMs of that region. 

4. Go-India Smart Card akin to ATVM can be purchased by paying a security amount of Rs.50/- with the first minimum recharge/top-up by Rs. 20/- 

5. Both Go-India Smart Card and ATVM Cards can be recharged in the multiple of Rs. 50/- but the maximum recharge amount is Rs. 10,000/- for Go-India Smart Cards as against the maximum recharge amount of Rs. 5000/- for ATVM card.

6. On Go-India Smart card at ATVMs/UTS counters, instead of giving bonus advantage, 5% discount will be given on ticket face value.

7. On Go-India smart card, no concession benefit is available on PRS ticket, booking of RR, renewal of season ticket and non-suburban journey ticket beyond 150 kms. 

8. Security deposit and balance refundable can be taken back at any time during the validity of Go-India Smart Card while it can be refunded up to one month after expiry of validity of ATVM Smart Card. 

Refund on unused/partially used Smart Card will be done on deduction of Rs.15/- as processing costs.
The Railway reserves the right to modify/withdraw any facility currently allowed on both the Smart Cards.

However, the Limitations are: 

  • It cannot be used for e-tickets on IRCTC as it comes with a readable chip that won’t work in online transactions at present. It also cannot be used for concessional tickets and vouchers.
  • Purchase of platform tickets, BPT tickets, miscellaneous tickets and money receipts will not be allowed through Go-India smart card.
  • In case of PRS/RR tickets, there is no bonus/discount advantage given at the time of booking and during booking/issuance of tickets, ticket fare/amount will be directly debited from the Go-India smart card.
  • No refund will be given nor duplicate card issued in case of loss/theft/mutilated card on both Smart Cards. 

The Railways, taking a cue from the IPL and Formula One racing, also plans the branding of premium trains to earn extra revenue. It is in advanced talks with top companies to brand popular trains like Rajdhanis, Shatabdis, etc. Trains could be named after multinational giants for, say, 10 years at a time, Railway Board sources said.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Scenic Resorts in Rs. 6000 a Day for Sex and Honeymoon

Best resorts in India for for honeymoon
Best resorts in India for for sex and honeymoon 

1. Bungalow on the Beach Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu

Sea view and your room from resort
Sea view and your room from resort

Tranquebar is a Dutch, Danish, British Colonial heritage town of pristine beauty and perennial charm, situated on the Coromandel Coast in the Nagapattinam District in Tamil Nadu, South India. Tharangambadi, ‘the land of the singing waves’ as the town is known in Tamil, became Tranquebar for the Danes! This picturesque coastal town lies 15 km south of the ancient Chola port of Pumpuhar, and 15 km north of the former French comptoir of Karikal.
The tiny town of Tranquebar has few attractions (two churches, one restaurant and an arts and crafts store), but that also means fewer distractions. The island’s remoteness from Chennai and Trichy—the closest city with an airport—ensures that very few will make it this far.
Enjoy honeymoon or a combative sex
Bungalow on the Beach is a quiet hideaway, where you won’t be interrupted by any trappings of city life. Hire a local fisherman’s boat and have him cook you a meal at sea under a starlit sky. Or go skinny-dipping in the waters off the hotel’s virgin beach; even the fishermen disappear inland by mid-morning.
Contact resort for booking and other details: www.neemranahotels.com
Doubles from Rs. 4,545
How to reach?
By Air
The closest airport is in Chennai, 280 km from Tranquebar.
By Rail
Nagapattinam train station is 35kms away from Tranquebar and Chidambaram lies 40 kms away. From any of these stations you would have to take a taxi or bus to reach Tranquebar..
By Bus
Drive along the one of the best scenic East Coast Road from Chennai to Pondicherry via Mahabalipuram, Marrakkanam, Cuddalore and Chidambaram straight to Tharangambadi or Tranquebar. The distance from Chennai to Tranquebar is around 275kms.By far the best way to get to Tranquebar.
Getting Around Tranquebar
Tranquebar can be easily explored on foot as most of the places are very close by.

2. Butt's Clermont Houseboats Srinagar

Butt's Clermont Houseboats Srinagar
What a sexy place for honeymoon!

Srinagar is also known as the 'Venice of the East' because of its legendary houseboats on Dal Lake.
Experience  memorable sex and honeymoon in Kashmir, the quintessential destination.
Butts Clermont Houseboats are moored on the western shores of the Dal Lake besides an old Mughal Garden believed to have been built by the Emperor Akbar and called the Garden of the Morning Breeze.
BCH is the ONLY houseboat lodgings in Srinagar which combines a secluded and private location with glorious views across Dal Lake to snow covered peaks. Just next to the houseboats you can step directly onto Naseem Bagh-the beautiful Mughal garden with more than 400 years old Famous Chinar Trees.  It’s your set up home in a cozy houseboat built with cedar wood and furnished with carved wooden pieces and Kashmiri objets d’art; to spend a lazy afternoon on the veranda amid  spectacular scenery, after night’s lovemaking and a breathless sex!
Contact resort for booking and other details:http://buttsclermonthouseboat.com
Doubles from Rs. 5,500
How to reach?
Convenient to reach from the major towns of India by air, bus and by train to Jammu and then by bus or air.

3. Wildernest Goa

Views from Wildernest Goa
View from the room | A bath after a hard work | Pleasures

Enjoy  honeymoon in the lap of nature!
Goa does not require any introduction to a traveler. Though Goa offers one of the finest beaches of the world, some of the honeymooners or those who want to enjoy sex without crowd staring at them with greedy eyes, Wildernest Resort offers the ultimate destination.
High up in the Western Ghats at the meeting point of the states of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, this resort provides the perfect escape in the lap of nature. You’ll see abundant greenery on every side, but we suggest you pick a room with a view of the waterfall. It might be far from the pool, but that only means you’ll stay away from loud families. There isn't all that much to do here, which makes it perfect for spending time close to your partner.In the evening, while the light is still strong, trek up the hills and enjoy the spectacular sunset as you breathe in the crisp mountain air.
Contact resort for booking and other details:www.wildernest-goa.com 
Doubles from Rs. 5,500

4. Barefoot at Havelock Andaman Islands

Barefoot at Havelock Andaman Islands
Your cottages and a stroll with Elephant on the beach

Sprinkled in a tiny pocket of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Islands are part of India, but geographically closer to Myanmar and Thailand. This is the perfect 'get away' experience where you will totally unwind and enjoy sex and honeymoon in the tranquility and beauty of this perfect location.
Right next door to the spotless Radhanagar beach, Barefoot at Havelock is one of the finest resorts on the island. You’re bound to fall for the hotel’s 19 elegant cottages and villas (either fan cooled or air-conditioned), each of which is built using local materials and features tribal architecture.
During the day, after your hostile sex in the night-

  • Relax by the tranquil waters of the Andaman Islands
  • Enjoy water activities such as snorkelling and fishing
  • Time spent on remote, peaceful beaches

Contact resort for booking and other details:www.barefoot-andaman.com
Doubles from Rs. 4,725
How to reach?
Port Blair is the Andaman's major gateway which is well connected by air & sea while regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from the India's major cities Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam, The best way to reach these exotic islands is to take flight from New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Once in Andamaqn, take a ferry to Havelock island.

5. Ri Kynjai Resort Shillong

Ri Kynjai Resort Shillong
Wow! What a view to relax! 

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is the preferred destination for those who thirst for natural beauty. The city, situated in the northeastern part of India, is also famous as the "Scotland of the East". Shillong has long been a favored popular tourist destination given its natural beauty and pleasant weather and there are many places of interest here.
There’s nothing more romantic and sexy in idyllic natural surroundings—which is why Ri Kynjai Resort is the perfect honeymoon spot.
Located in the Cherrapunjee-Mawsynram district—one of the world’s rainiest areas—the resort has been designed in Khasi style, with upturned boat-shaped roofs to shrug off excess water. The pine-panelled rooms have balconies overlooking the serene Umiam Lake. There’s more to do here than just relaxing at the in-house Khem Janai spa; go trekking in the Khasi hills, play a round of golf at the Shillong Golf Course, or head to Laitkynsew (80km away), and spend an afternoon walking across its living tree-root bridges.
Contact resort for booking and other details:www.rikynjai.com
Doubles from Rs. 6,500
How to reach?
The nearest major airport and railway station is at Guwahati, which is nearly 120 km away from Shillong. Shillong can be reached by taxi/car and the fare is about INR 1200. Guwahati Airport is well connected to many major cities in India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata.
Enjoy your moments

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just Get This Best Free! Amazing Travel Android App from Tourism Ministry

Tripigator App
Tripigator App from Tourism Ministry

Today, I happened to read a Hot News on Travel India. The reviews were fantastic and it looked to fulfill my travel needs of finding and planning itineraries to fascinating places in India
Sometimes, the best ideas emerge from the least likely of people. I was a bit apprehensive! Thus, we imagined, when we first heard of Tripigator, an Android app that was launched recently. The reason behind our doubt? The fact that the Union Ministry of Tourism created the app. Tripigator.

Developed by the Union Ministry, Tripigator is a user-friendly app that offers personalized itinerary of places to visit.
Incredible India
Welcome to India

Benefit 1

It takes  personalized itinerary to a next level by showcasing the places you plan to visit in an integrated map and offering Geo-location-based discovery of details. So, if you are stuck in a place, but unsure of where to find the nearest hotel, try the app and it will offer details of nearby hotels based on your location.

Benefit 2

You can also search for hospitals, ATMs, eateries and much more. It works a lot like a search engine, but here, the information is discovered based on your current location, and provided in a user-friendly way.

Benefit 3

With Tripigator, one can also browse through a list of some of India’s most popular travel destinations in the country, divided into 10 categories like romantic, adventure, culture, family, lifestyle, nature, and so on. Though, we were not too impressed with the list, it could be very useful

Benefit 4

For first-time travelers, or those who want to get an idea of interesting places to visit before heading out.

Benefit 5

The app also offers an estimate of travel costs over multiple stops in the country, based on the current market price of tickets and hotel tariffs.


Overall, Tripigator is a great app, but not the best, especially since the database of ‘places of interest’ is limited to the widely-known/popular spots. 

However, it’s a promising start towards offering a technologically enhanced experience to travelers in the country. And according to the developers, the next update will allow users to save their itinerary on their phone and access it without the Internet.

How to Download

Available On: Play Store, FREE of course

Awesome India

An ace guide to exotic places in India by Slidely Slideshow